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Petra is a Middle Eastern Authentic Cuisine Restaurant which is considered as a new business venture in the Bay Area .


Arwa Kamal who is the main Petra's chef cooks with love. Whatever she used to cook home , she just now cooks to the public on larger scale.

Arwa was a catering  for family and friends simply because she loves and enjoy cooking.  The need for a neighborhood Middle Eastern restaurant was identified in this location at La Positas st. after further research in the Bay Area a decision was made to pursue this venture.


Tariq Sumrein the Owner established Petra in May 2015 to provide customers in the East Bay area with a fine dining experience specializing in home-style Authentic Middle Eastern meals. "This will allow me to utilize my extensive experience and skill set to the fullest and grow and contribute to the success of Petra." Tariq said.

Our cooking

To do both you and our food justice, our amazing chef makes sure each dish is prepared fresh each day to deliver you the best Middle Eastern experience.

To assure our food stays fresh we cook regularly throughout the day to avoid any stale food, and to make sure that each dish is served as fresh as possible. Petra Middle Eastern Cuisine offers a contemporary Middle Eastern dining experience, highlighted by inspired cuisine and impeccable service.

In addition to using fresh ingredients, we do not add MSG to our food. We do not believe in tricking our guests and are proud of the dishes we produce. Our food is already tasty and doesn’t need these additives!

Our ingredients

At Petra Middle Eastern Cuisine we care about our customers’ health.

That’s why; all our food is made with natural ingredients delivering you a fresh and delicious meal.

We only use meats that are sourced from reliable and quality assured suppliers which in return allows us to prepare authentic Middle Eastern dishes.

Our meats are not only provided by assured suppliers but are also Halal certified making our offer available to our diverse and multicultural society. Our vegetables are delivered fresh every day, packing with nutrients, adding a healthy punch to your Petra meal.

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